Swan Hollow Doll Repair

Swan Hollow Doll Repair

I've spent years repairing almost anything that I thought I could. It was natural to move on to repairing and stabilizing old dolls. I started with my own badly broken heirloom composition dolls and moved onto friends dolls. So many women have an old cherished doll stuffed away in a box because with age they become brittle and broken. After a tearful urging by a women whose 50 year old  "Tiny Tears" was in sad, fragile condition, I also revitalize old rubber dolls.  I repair composition, rubber, porcelain and wood using standard doll repair technique and acid free products. I cannot make any doll, museum quality PERFECT again - but I can stop the deterioration, repair most structural and visual damage and make the doll worthy of proud display again.

My Clients Say . . .

"My wife cried when she saw the doll after your repair - amazing - and Thank You. She will be passed onto our daughter to last another 50 years." - Richard Migliorato

"It is a joy to work with someone who understands the goal and gets there quickly."- Beth, Walters Storyk Design Group

"Fantastic look! The price was right and the design excellent! The new labels make the product look 100% more professional."- Rocky, Rocky's Peppers

"Thank You always for a job well done, on time, under pressure." - Lisa, Dutchess County Arts Council

Contact Me

It costs you nothing to discuss the possibilities. Email me your ideas and project requirements at- feliciacasey@gmail.com. I live and work in the Mid-Hudson Valley, Town of Highland, and will gladly, at no charge, travel to meet with you to further discuss a project. I work freelance from my home, sending design files via internet to any printer or person, world wide.

A photo portfolio of DOLL REPAIR projects, before and after, is available for your review. After an "in hand" inspection of the item to be repaired, I can give you a price quote. I will be completely honest with you and refer you to others in the industry if I do not think I can stabilize and beautify your doll.

My projects are completed on deadline and within budget. And- your plumber charges more per hour for professional services than I do.

Swan Hollow Doll Repair